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Rays Podcast #1: And So It Begins

Welcome, everyone.

This is going to be the podcast’s home. While there will be posts on DRB announcing a new podcast has been posted, all of the shows will be published on this site. There’s nothing fancy about this site appearance wise, at least not yet. Perhaps one of you intrepid readers/listeners can create a logo once we finalize a name? Who knows. In any case, it will get better as we go along, just like the show.

Feel free to leave any comments you may have in the thread on DRB. We need as much of your feedback as possible if we’re going to improve on the quality of the podcast. You can also e-mail the show with any questions or comments at

A big h/t to podcasting genius Tim Daloisio for helping with the technical side of this site.

Without further adieu, the podcast is below. Listen and enjoy (hopefully).

Episode 1:
-Show Introduction
-Ben Zobrist’s new contract
-We talk about the Rays hot start and what it means going forward
-And Bobby tells you why you should throw out any Wolfgang Puck braded product you may happen to have in your domicile.



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