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PTBNL Episode 4

A little change in this week’s show. Bobby couldn’t join us this week, so Toby David of the KingDavid show on 1010am in Tampa was kind enough to fill in. We should have the regular crew back in studio next week.

Episode 4, Where we talk about:

-The team’s hot start and what it means for the rest of the season

-Hank Blalock, the DH answer?

-The loss of J.P. Howell and what comes next

-The depth of the roster

-And we forget that Dioner Navarro has options left!

Thanks again to Toby David for guest hosting. Listen to the KingDavid show he does every week day afternoon with Shaun King at



PTBNL Episode 3

After taking a week off, we’re back. We’re down a member, as Tommy had to attend a family function. That doesn’t mean the product is any less awesome. Bobby and I keep things moving and are joined by Marc Normandin of Baseball Prospectus as we tackle all things Rays. Also, send any questions or comments you may have to and follow us on Twitter @ThePTBNL

Episode 3:
-Marc Normandin wakes up early, answers our questions like a pro
-Outdated Pat Burrell/Hank Blalock talk
-Bobby rants about social media and I try and convert him to Twitter
-And more!


PTNBL Show #2

The first edition of the podcast seemed to go well, so we thought we’d give it another shot. This time we come equipped with intro music, and a name! The¬†show is going to be called the Podcast To Be Named Later, or PTNBL.

As always, feel free to leave any feedback you have in the comment section here. You can also send any comments or questions you may have to . Any and all are appreciated.

Episode 2:

-Benoit and Jaso join the team

-Upcoming West Coast road trip

-How the rotation is being handled

-Ben Zobrist’s early season struggles

-2011 payroll talk

-And a lively discussion about kidney stones, dry heaving, and vomiting. Enjoy!